Employees Stories

A. Sumathi (General Manager, Health, Safety and Environment)

The Green Guardian

She protects the environment, she cares for the health and safety of employees, she is the Vedanta guardian in residence

Sumathi completed her Electrical & Electronics engineering from NIT, Trichy in 1997. Fresh out of college, she joined Vedanta group as a GET with Sterlite Copper's Electrical Department.

"I have been with Vedanta since the beginning of my career. In a short period of time, I believe I have come a long way from being a GET to being appointed as the General Manager, Health, Safety and Environment. Along the way, I have helped the organisation become ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 1800 certified and compliant.

Today I feel proud of having had the opportunity to put my best foot forward and contribute towards the sustainability journey of the company in addition to the many challenging roles that have come my way.

I have had the honour of being an active member of the team that worked towards bringing down the sulphur dioxide emission levels to better than international standards and also improving sulphur recovery in our state-of- art Tuticorin smelter."

For Sumathi, with her combination of technical acumen and determined work ethic, awards were never out of reach. The CII - ITC Sustainability Award Commendation Certificate and the CII - Best Environment Management Practices award, are just a few of the many feathers in her cap.

Abdul Waheed(Plant Operator, Hindustan Zinc Limited)

Aiming For The Stars!

Armed with a degree from BITs Pilani, sponsored by Vedanta, Abdul eagerly looks forward to taking over the role of a Unit Head soon.

Hailing from a small town near Udaipur in Rajasthan, Abdul Waheed joined Hindustan Zinc Limited as a plant operator. He performed his duties with zeal and diligence and it didn't take long before Abdul's commitment & technical expertise shone through.

"One day I came to know that I had been selected to undergo a Bachelor of Science degree in Process Engineering from BITs Pilani Off-Campus as a part of Hindustan Zinc Ltd's learning initiative. On completion of the programme, my role within the organisation was enhanced and I was promoted to the executive cadre.

I was further chosen for the VedantaGlobal Exposure initiative.I travelled across the world to various group as well as other natural resources companies to study the best practices being employed which enabled me to widen my experience."

A confident Abdul today believes that he has what it takes to become a Unit Head in the next five years. Given his record, he may very well be one.

Kailash Oram(Bus Driver, Vedanta's plant )

Fanning Ambition, Fulfilling Dreams

While ploughing fields in a small village, Kailash never imagined his dream of driving an automobile in a big city will ever come true.

"From a very young age, like most men in my village, I had started raising cattle. As I grew up and started a family, managing home became difficult as there was no regular source of income. I could never attend school as I had to look after the cattle I tended to. I always had a dream of someday driving an automobile, but for a simple village person like me, expecting this dream to become a reality was impossible.

Then Vedanta came recruiting and I was selected for the project displaced programme. The company understood my dream and helped translate it into reality. I was trained in motor driving and was also provided behavioural training. I was then entrusted with the job of shuttling employees from one part of the plant to another.

For me, the idea of being independent, being able to earn for myself, is a dream come true. I never thought that in this life I will ever be able to have a job which would ensure a steady income for me. Today it is a reality and I know that my future and that of my family's is completely secure."

For Kailash, it's the little things that are making a big difference. He has a job that he is happy and grateful to carry out. He realises the importance of being on time for duty, wearing a neat uniform and using proper safety equipment. And he's confident that his job will allow him to give his 3-month old baby the future she deserves.

Why Vedanta Resources?

We believe that our success is due to the commitment, passion and contribution of our employees. This is why we are committed to providing our employees with a supportive, rewarding and safe work environment with a high degree of engagement and empowerment, enabling them to realise their full potential.

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